• Job Shop Testimonial Ingrid and Steve M

    We really enjoyed our work in Kununurra. So much so that we've decided to return for another season this year!

    – Ingrid and Steve M, Australia

  • I have honestly had the time of my life and have loved every second of it.

    – Laura B, UK

    Job Shop Testimonial Laura B
  • Job Shop Testimonial Garry G

    Can I just say I really appreciated your help with getting me started in farm work over in WA. Both the families were great to work for and the experience was fantastic.

    – Garry G, Australia

  • It was just perfect! I don't know how it could have been better. More than a good boss and great people to work with.

    – Remi V, France

    Job Shop Testimonial Remi V
  • Job Shop Testimonial Arne H

    Everything is good here! Very beautiful spot! Hours have been plentiful and the money is great. Dave is awesome and a great manager for us. Thanks for this opportunity!

    – Arne H, Holland

  • I had an awesome time on the farm! The machinery is very new and in a perfect condition. The house I lived in is lovely and during seeding I always had a freezer full of meals, perfect after a long day on the tractor.

    – Sandra H, Germany

    Job Shop Testimonial Sandra H
  • Job Shop Testimonial Mart L

    I'm doing great here. That is what I was looking for and you nailed it. I can do many different things on the farm and harvest is going well.

    – Mart L, Estonia

  • When I first got to Australia I struggled for months to find work. Luckily, I was contacted by Sky through The Job Shop about an opportunity in a mining camp. I was finally making enough hours and money to save and continue my travels in Australia.

    – Jake S, Canada

    Job Shop Testimonial Jake S
  • Job Shop Testimonial Lucile R

    I had the most amazing experience on the cattle station after two weeks in vain and desperate job seeking. I couldn't have dreamed of a more life changing experience.

    – Lucile R, France

  • The harvest went really well, better than expected. I would not want to miss the time in Kojonup and the work with the guys at the farm. Thank you for arranging the job.

    – Christian Z, Germany

    Job Shop Testimonial Christian Z
  • Job Shop Testimonial Jodie B

    I couldn't ask for more here at the roadhouse! I've saved so much money and the people I work with and the job are great.

    – Jodie B, British

  • What turned from only going to work for three months quickly changed to the full six due to the hospitality and genuine friendliness of all the hotel staff.

    – Daniel H, Canada

    Job Shop Testimonial Daniel H