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QA- Food safety Officer - Fish Farm NT

1 position(s) | As soon as possible

Job # 31016 Location NT - Darwin
Duration Ongoing Suburb Middle Point
Industry Agriculture Direction 50 ks from Darwin
Hours per week 38-48   ($TBC)

Job Description:

Starting as soon as possible, we are seeking a QA- Food safety Officer to work on site at a rapidly expanding aquaculture farm close to Humpty Doo (50kms South of Darwin).

*** Available for immediate start  *** 

  • Complete of pre-op (preoperational) check lists. This includes,
    1. Hygiene of the factory, machinery, fish contact surfaces, fish receiving area and surrounding is up to the standards for safe start of processing orders.
    2. Calibration of scales (pallet scales, portable scales), Marlec calibration or at least overlooking, thermometer calibrations, cool room calibration activities. Ideally prior to start processing.

This will require early start with the early few staff who prepare pack shed.

  • Under product monitoring features in FT, checking product temperature of any held over products from previous pack and enter data in FT and monitor re-icing process.
  • Completion of Bin QA reports. The report is generated from FT and to be downloaded and saved in QA folders. Following actions to be monitored on day-to-day basis.

Bin QA reports has temperature data from

  1. 4-6-hour temperature checks by harvest team - If FSO on site, activities are monitored. If not on site, review data and feedback if any noncompliance are found.
  2. Overnight check by night shift - Review data and feedback if any noncompliance are found.
  • Bin preparation – this is a CCP. FSO to carry out the process. If FSO has activities clashing out with other activities, fish loading staff can help.
  1. Bin tipping – this is still under CCP. Currently, done by fish graders. The activities are monitored by FSO time to time.
  • Carry out Bin QA Corrective actions and prepare records. This is when any fish bins are found above critical limits (4oC), follow the corrective action procedure.
  • Monitoring of Non-conforming products. All products graded by graders are evaluated. If substandard products are passed through the grading point, final decision is made by the FSO. If acceptable products have been rejected, final decision is made by FSO to accept them. Required training are provided for this. Records are maintained for audit purposes.
  • Chiller temperature monitoring. This is another CCP in the system. It is the full responsibility of FSO to make sure the proper temperature is maintained. Continuous monitoring is done using data loggers, but reports are generated only on specific times. So, temperature is monitored using gauges all the time and make sure the chiller is maintained at desired temperature levels.
  • Under product monitoring features in FT, on-line checks for products and temperature checks of finished products, enter data in FT and generate records.
  • New staff induction. New staff are inducted prior to commence work. Records are kept.
  • Evaluate training needs for staff and propose training requirements to the management.
  • Complete Verification activities. This is done by fulfilling verification activity calendar. It includes,
  1. Conducting supplier audits – Annually
  2. Cool room general maintenance as required and annual mandatory service maintenance – External
  • Calibration of weigh scales – Annually – External
  1. Calibration of master thermometer – Annually – External
  2. Product testing for antibiotics and microbiology – Bimonthly – External
  3. Product assessment – Biannual – Internal
  • Water testing - Bimonthly – External
  • Pest control – Monthly – External
  1. Internal audits
  2. Shelf-life studies
  • Monitoring water quality and water treatment for water used in factory and ice making.
  • Purchase and Stock management of cleaning and sanitation chemicals. Maintain MSDS and responsible for safe storage of chemicals
  • Continuous assessments and monitoring of cleaning schedules carried out by Post Harvest department and provide necessary cleaning schedules for different areas of the factory, cool room and surrounding.

To APPLY register at providing your up-to-date resume and 1 recent work referee.

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