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Picking and Packing Crew - Kununurra

2 position(s) | 1 Jan 1970 - 12 weeks

Job # 30850 Location WA - Regional
Duration 12 weeks Suburb Kununnurra
Industry Agriculture Direction 800 km from Darwin
Hours per week 38   ($24.36)

Job Description:

We require people to help with the start of the picking and packing season on a farm in Kununurra.

Hours are weather dependant, but generally 38 or more per week.

Previous experience working in hot and humid conditions would be advantageous to cope with the heat. 
You will need to be strong, fit and healthy - it is a very physical job.

You will need to live on the farm in the staff accomodation at $150/week (includes all electricitiy, water and gas).

Please register at to apply for these positions.  Please upload your resume and two references (preferably from a previous agricultural position).

This work will be eligible for visa extension for travellers on a 417 / 462 WHV.

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