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Farm Machinery Operator with Mechanical Skills - 12 months

1 position(s) | 6 Jan 2020 - 12 months+

Job # 30353 Location WA - Regional
Duration 12 months+ Suburb Hyden
Industry Agriculture Direction 450 kms Southeast of Perth
Hours per week 60   ($25+)

Job Description:

A mixed farm in Hyden, WA (4 hours SE of Perth) is looking for an experienced Farmhand with s strong broadacre cropping / machinery operating background. This is a 12 month minimum position.

February-April will include a lot of general maintenance work on machinery to prepare for seeding. Tasks could include basic engine servicing, changing oil / filters / belts / bearings / tyres on machinery and vehicles, putting points on seeder bars and any other general maintenance. Once seeding starts in April, this person will be operating a modern John Deere tractor with GPS autosteer towing a 56 foot bar for seeding. The seeding season will run from April-June (6-8 weeks, depending on weather).

Once seeding is finished, there will be general maintenance and farm work to be done from July-September. This would be an acceptable time for the staff member to take some holidays (3-5 weeks) and then return in late September to have plenty of time to get ready for harvest. During the harvest season (October-December) this person will be operating modern John Deere harvesters.

We are looking for someone with above average mechanical skills for this role. Mechanical qualifications aren't necessary, but the person needs to be able to identify when a machine isn't working properly and be able to communicate that with the farm owner or local mechanic. Applicants must have HR truck license for this role.

Cattle handling experience will be an advantage but not required. Applicants should be able to work on their own and in a group environment. 

Staff will work around 60 hours per week between February-April and July-September. During the peak seasons of seeding and harvest hours may increase as required.

Pay rate starts at $25/hour with free accommodation provided in a donga. Meals will be provided during seeding and harvest. Staff must arrange and cook their own food outside of these times.

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