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Machinery Assembly Staff - Regional WA

12 position(s) | 14 Oct 2019 - 3 months

Job # 29984 Location WA - Regional
Duration 3 months Suburb Wheatbelt Region
Industry General Labouring Direction 2-4 hours from Perth
Hours per week 60   ($25/flat)

Job Description:

We require 10-12 workers to help implement an update program on agricultural seeding equipment across the WA wheatbelt region. The work will run from mid-October until the end of February 2020 (4-5 months).

Applicants should have good mechanical experience/knowledge and a strong work ethic. The work will be in different locations throughout the wheatbelt and accommodation will be included for free. Work will be 10-12 hours days, 6 days each week. Most of the work will be done undercover, but staff should be prepared for the warmer weather coming into summer.

Pay rate is $25. Transport provided but your own vehicle is allowed. Friends travelling together are welcome to apply.

Note: This work does not count as visa extension.

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