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Remote Roadhouse Allrounder - Western Australia

1 position(s) | 18 Dec 2018 - 3 months+

Job # 28700 Location WA - Regional
Duration 3 months+ Suburb Port Hedland Area
Industry Hospitality Direction 1500kms North of Perth
Hours per week 30-35   ($23)

Job Description:

A remote roadhouse near Port Hedland in Western Australia requires an allrounder to start December 18th. 

Duties will include working the front counter, cash handling, customer service, cooking and housekeeping.

Good english and presentation is required as well as previous retail or hospitality experience. 

Pay rate is $23/hour flat rate with 30-35 hours a week available.

Accommodation provided for $100/week in your own room with a shared bathroom. No meals are provided but staff do a weekly trip to Port Hedland where you can pick up groceries.

Must commit to 3 months minimum.

This job counts towards visa extension for people on a 462 Working Holiday visa. This job DOES NOT count for visa extension for people on a 417 Working Holiday visa (UK, Germany, Ireland, etc). Please double check your visa before applying if you are looking for visa extension work.

Saved Jobs

No jobs. Saved jobs will appear here.