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Factory Hands - 417 Regional Work

2 position(s) | As soon as possible

Job # 28688 Location WA - Regional
Duration 3-4 months Suburb 200kms North of Perth
Industry Agriculture Direction 200kms North of Perth
Hours per week 40   ($26.40)

Job Description:

Two people are needed for a seafood processing factory in a small coastal town about 3 hours north of Perth. These positions will count for 417 visa extension.

We are looking for physically fit people with previous labouring experience and strong English. Must have your own car!

Work duties include assisting with unloading boats, sorting seafood and packing and wrapping. There will be lots of heavy lifting and you'll be on your feet all day so be prepared for hard work! Applicants must be ok handling live seafood (gloves provided).

Working hours will depend on the volume of crayfish caught however this is the peak period, so good workers will be getting good hours. There is no set roster, so you'll need to be flexible with work days/hours.  Staff will work an average of 40 hours a week, sometimes more. 

Pay rate is $26.40/hour. Accommodation available in a house in town for $150/week.

Spend your time off at the beach!

Saved Jobs

No jobs. Saved jobs will appear here.