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Mango Season Work - North Queensland

20 position(s) | 5 Nov 2018 - Approx 6 wks

Job # 28456 Location QLD - Regional
Duration Approx 6 wks Suburb Giru
Industry Agriculture Direction 1300 ks from Brisbane
Hours per week 40   ($Award)

Job Description:

Starting Monday 5 November, we have a range of positions available in a large commercial mango packing shed for their upcoming mango harvest in North Queensland (400kms south of Cairns). The mango season is due to last for around 6-7 weeks.

  1. Forklift Operators with Australian forklift tickets required for receival and dispatch responsibilities
  2. Packing staff - tasks include grading (sorting) mangoes, packing fruit, moving trays of fruit and monitoring equipment. Experience with grading fruit or vegetables is preferred.
  3. Box making and tray stacking - tasks include ensuring the packing line has enough trays to continuosly pack fruit and stacking filled trays onto pallets, wrapping and labelling the produce.

Packing shed hands are expected to be versatile and able to take on different roles throughout the season. The work is physical and very repetitive and we will give preference to applicants who have undertaken similar work previously. This is the hottest time of the year in north Queensland, temperatures range between 30'c and 40'c. Previous experience working in hot and humid conditions would be advantageous to cope with the heat.

Generally shifts will be between 8-10 hours per day and you will be on your feet most of the day so a good level of physical is required.

Accommodation will not be provided, you will need to arrange your own in the nearby towns Giru or Ayr. There are several options for low cost shared rooms or camping. Own transport will be required.

This work will be eligible for visa extension for travellers on a 417 / 462 WHV.

We are expecting a high volume of applications for this work. You should include as much relevant information about yourself in your Job Shop profile and on your resume to make sure you have the best chance of being contacted for a phone interview.

To APPLY register at and upload your resume and one recent work referee.

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