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Header / Chaser Bin Driver for Harvest

1 position(s) | 29 Oct 2018 - 7-8 weeks

Job # 28353 Location WA - Regional
Duration 7-8 weeks Suburb Varley
Industry Agriculture Direction 5 hours Southeast of Perth
Hours per week 70   ($25)

Job Description:

A farm in the Varley area, about 5 hours southeast of Perth, requires an experienced tractor driver to operate the header and chaser bin for the grain harvest season.

The position will start around the end of October abd will last 7-8 weeks. This person will do a split shift on a header and the chaser bin - likely a half day on each. The header will either be a John Deere 9770 with a 45 foot from or a John Deere CTS 2 with a 30 foot front. The chaser bin is towed using a John Deere tractor.

Own vehicle strongly preferred as there is no transport to use when on days off.

Pay rate is $25/hour with accommodation supplied, plus lunch and dinner when harvesting. On days off, you must sort your own meals. Harvest will last until the end of December, so applicants must be available to commit until the end of the season.

This farm has a strict non-smoking policy Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saved Jobs

No jobs. Saved jobs will appear here.