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Farm Processing Plant Workers - Kununurra

3 position(s) | 17 Sep 2018 - 4 weeks

Job # 28199 Location WA - Regional
Duration 4 weeks Suburb Kununurra
Industry Agriculture Direction 800km from Darwin
Hours per week 40   ($23.66)

Job Description:

Our client is the world class leading specialist Sandalwood supplier, with over 7,600 hectares of Indian sandalwood established in the Tropics of Northern Australia.

We are looking for 3 people to work in the Processing Plant in Kununurra.

You will need to be strong and physically fit as the job entails using machinery and heavy manual labour. You must be able to work in the heat and humidity, and you will be on your feet for most of the day.

****Workers need to have their own transport. Work boots and a Hi-Vis shirt/vest are essential.*****

Work is 8  hours a day, 5 days a week. Wages are $23.66 per hour.

Please apply at


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