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Farm Labourer - 4 weeks

1 position(s) | 15 Aug 2018 - 4 weeks

Job # 27906 Location WA - Regional
Duration 4 weeks Suburb Three Springs
Industry Agriculture Direction -
Hours per week 40   ($23)

Job Description:

Starting ASAP, a mixed farm just outside of Three Springs (3.5 hours north of Perth) is looking for one person with some farming experience for around 4 weeks of work.

Duties include helping with rock picking, sheep work, cleaning up paddocks, machinery maintenance and odd jobs around the farm. Applicants should have some previous farm experience and be capable of using basic tools.

Pay rate is $23/hour. Hours will be weather dependent, but likely to be around 40 hours per week.

Accommodation is supplied for free in a fully furnished house in Three Springs plus a vehicle to get to and from the farm.

This job will count towards the second year visa for 417 Working Holiday Visa holders.

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