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Melon & Pumpkin Pickers

10 position(s) | As soon as possible

Job # 27158 Location WA - Regional
Duration 6 months Suburb Kununurra
Industry Agriculture Direction 3300 NW of perth
Hours per week 40   ($22.13)

Job Description:

10 Melon & Pumpkin pickers are required for the season in Kununurra. The following conditions apply for these positions;

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and allergies are made known prior to commencement

  • There are Bee hives are used through out the farm for pollination of crops prior to picking

Tasks include:

  • Picking and handling fruit carefully as directed: Rockmelons, White and Yellow Honeydew Melons, Butternut and Jap Pumpkins.

  • Hand weeding may be required; all weeds in a plant line need to be removed.

  • Work as a team member

  • Full attention is paid on the job while performing duties

  • Any safety gear which is required is used/worn correctly

  • Plastic bins, are moved carefully, with the assistance of others, as required.

  • Responsibility is taken for allocated tools.

  • Hand sanitizer is to be used in the paddock.

  • Other duties as required

In early October 6 workers will be re-deployed to Ali Curung, 170 ks south of Tenant Creek to work picking and packing watermelons. Some planting chipping, weeding and irrigation work may also be involved . Work will continue until Christmas/New Year. Candidates must be fit and able to work on their feet all day as well as bending down and working at ground level whilst undertaking the above mentioned tasks. Therefore you must be fit and accustomed to working long hours in the heat. Only people who can genuinely commit to the entire season can apply.

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