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sigrid van den stock, Belgian, has just been placed in the "Nanny / Domestic Helper for Cattle Station" position in WA - Regional.

19 February 2018

Client Testimonials

Check out these comments from some of our very satisfied clients

"Hi Sky
We have finished harvest and Till has flown back to Cairns. Till was fantastic, nice person and a good worker. Thank you so much Sky, you have always delivered on
supplying us with great workers. Have a lovely Christmas & New Year.
Kind Regards
Mark,Kathy & Nic


MG & KL Shaw"

" Hi Carol

The station has sold and settlement is on the 15th April, so we will no longer be needing a cook thank you. And we are actually leaving the station this Sunday to relocate back home near Katherine.

So I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you at The Job Shop for all of your help over the years, you have been my savyor many many times and it has been greatly appreciated.

We wish you all the best and maybe we will chat again some day.

Thanks heaps and take care, all the best Tania & Stumpy - Killarney Stn"


 " Just wanted to pass on another big thankyou personally from myself and the other area managers in regards to the staff that you sent us this year. I have had a lot of very positive feedback on the calibre of the staff that you sent us this year and really without The Job Shop we would not been able to open up many of our receivals sites this year.

Another positive outcome for us this year is that now our growers are starting to see the benefits of having guys and girls aged in their mid 20s that have had that work experience knowledge. It's very hard to manage site with 17year old girls and boys who have had very little or no work experience and try and work 12 - 13 hour days.

Next week I'll be attending a work conference that deals with recruitment of both permanent and casual staff and if it's ok with you I'did like to push your company (like we tried to do a few year back) as to a preferred supplier of staff each year going into harvest. Its worked well for both you and your company and myself as an area manager to be able to have this resource and its flexibility on hand when you need it. We have had some of your guys work and manage the receivals sites after some training from us and actually broke the receivals record for that facility. This as mentioned is great for us and a credit to the type of candidates that you have been sending us not only this year but since I began dealing with The Job Shop.

Can you pass on my thanks to Sky also who helped out with the candidate selection and anyone else who help us in the process.

Anyway mate thank you again


Paul Channon, Operations - Area Manager 07, CBH Group

"We operate a mixed cropping operation of 12,500 hectares in the northern wheat belt of Western Australia. Last year we contacted The Job Shop, to source staff for harvest and were very impressed with the service and the excellent candidate they provided. We were able to get through one of our best seasons on record with a great team thanks to The Job Shop. I have placed an order for more staff for seeding and look forward to a long standing relationship with The Job Shop. I am happy to refer their service to other growers who are looking for reliable staff."

Rod Messina,  Springpark Farms, Mullewa, Western Australia

Hi guys,
 I just want to give you some feedback regarding the backpackers we have received from you and  I must state how happy I have been over the four years of using you.
Each and every one of these young backpacking people we have received have become more than just workers they have become extended family with regular catch ups on face- book we will continue use your services as the screening process you go through to find the correct placement is working for us


"My name is Bob Firth and I am the Manager of The Dingo Roadhouse in Central QLD. Our roadhouse is one of the busiest in our region as such we need to ensure we have a motivated and reliable workforce to operate effectively. This is exactly the type of staff The Job Shop supplies us on a regular basis and has done so for the past 3 years. They are often required to fill our counter hand /cook and all rounder positions at very short notice with great candidates.
We have tried a host of other means of recruiting staff for our roadhouse and adjoining Hotel/Motel but The Job Shop has been the most successful by far. Anyone looking for a professional recruitment service that represents true value for money should look no further than The Job Shop."

Bob Firth, Dingo Roadhouse, Dingo, QLD

"Rottnest Lodge Resort has been using The Job Shop to source staff for over 4 years. Initially I was skeptical about employing travellers, but my concerns have proven to be without foundation. So much so, that backpackers and travellers sourced through The Job Shop are playing a very significant role in the day to day operations here on Rottnest Island. They are enthusiastic, have a wonderful work ethic, are fun loving people and provide an added dimension to the entire team at the Resort. The staff at The Job Shop are very professional to deal with, the filtering service they provide is first class and their service represents true value for money.
I can highly recommend them to anyone in The Hospitality Industry.
Jessica King,Resort Manager, Rottnest Lodge, Rottnest Island WA

"I've been tearing my hair out trying to find reliable staff for ages. I was so frustrated with people working for me that were causing me nothing but grief, I thought there must be a better way. I did a search on Google and found The Job Shop. I filled out the vacancy form, faxed it to the Perth office, and within three days I had two fantastic girls and a third started a few days later. The three of them are just what I've been looking for, motivated, reliable and enthusiastic. I have been blown away by the service and quality of candidates I've received from The Job Shop and I would gladly recommend them to anyone."
Nick Agostino, McDonalds South Hedland, WA

"I don't know where our business would be today without The Job Shop. They have literally saved us from disaster by providing first class staff just when we need them the most. Not only do they send us great people, full of life and enthusiasm, but the staff we get from The Job Shop enable me to get on with working on my business, and not in my business. Their fantastic service has provided us with some awesome bar staff, who really are the lifeblood of any hotel. We have a couple of girls who arrived in February 2007 who are still working with us . Keep up the great work."
Millie and David Ferguson Boab Inn, Derby


"We have been using The Job Shop to source personnel for eight months with outstanding results. Previously we were continually frustrated with the lack of motivated and reliable personnel available for us to place- until we started working with The Job Shop. Their filtering process is very effective and they have been able to supply excellent candidates to us consistently, often at very short notice. With one of our clients, we were able to increase the number of people placed from 16 to 34 full time staff. This was a direct result of the type of people sent to us by The Job Shop. I highly recommend them to any employer looking for motivated and reliable staff."
Richard Sheavyn The Skilled Group

"A couple of weeks ago, I was in a real jam. I had to finish off a planting project urgently as I was behind with my schedule and had clients breathing down my neck. It was wet, cold and miserable and I had lost most of my crew. I called an employment agency in Perth who couldn't help me at all. Then I called The Job Shop and within a few hours they had organized a team of seven people - it was unbelievable service. The workers arrived the next day, were keen as mustard and enabled me to wrap up my project in an efficient manner. I have projects all around Australia and I'll be using The Job Shop to source workers at every opportunity."
Graeme Fowler Plantation Solutions


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